Over 10 Million youth around the planet have been genuinely impacted

About Feel The Power

Feel the Power is a nonprofit speaking event program for children and young adults that positively motivates them to make the kind of important daily choices that affirm the value they place in themselves and in others.

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Jon Pritikin Holds A Guinness World Record© from 2007


“[Jon] has an impact on [students] in an hour that it takes us educators sometimes years to develop.”

Tenaya Middle School

“When Jon concluded [his presentation], all 1,000 students…gave him a standing ovation along with a roaring cheer.”

Los Banos High School

“Our students were glued to their seats and interested in everything you said…My hope is to have you back each year.”

Hamilton Freshmen School

“Your presentation was, by far, the most “real” and emotional that myself and the [others] had ever seen. By using your personal story, you touched many students and helped them to see what a difference one person can make in the lives of others.”

Mountain/Desert Middle School Partner Leadership Camp

“[Jon] has been the consummate professional and positive influence to our major and minor league players.”

Oakland A’s

Feel the Power the book is now available