Give in Dolly Boyd's name

9/1/1938 - 6/8/2023

The Dolly Boyd Fund has been created to honor Dolly’s legacy of service, her love for young people, and the hope that sustained her throughout her life.

Dolly was a beautiful woman inside and out. An elegant lady, who loved the finer things in life, she found her greatest joy in caring for those around her. A loving wife and mom, Dolly’s care for others reached beyond her own home. She invested the moments and days of her life putting others’ needs before her own. Whether running a school daycare or encouraging a group of women, she saw value in those around her.

Throughout Dolly’s life, she faced many physical battles. But she was a fighter. Instead of turning inward, she reached out. On days when she was in pain, she would often encourage others who were sick or struggling. In the midst of her own frailty, her thoughts and prayers were focused on those around her.

With Dolly’s passing, her deep love for her family, her kindness toward others, and her servant’s heart are undiminished, continuing to impact all the lives she touched and the people she loved.

Dolly’s husband, Bob, and her son, Brian, want to honor Dolly by continuing to invest in others. In lieu of flowers, they would love for you to invest in Feel the Power, a non-profit founded by inspirational speaker, Jon Pritikin, that provides emotional support, encouragement, and hope to young people in crisis all around the world.