Let Your Happiness Journey Begin

A Survivor's Guide to Happiness

Most people just want to be happy.
What could be so hard about that?

Ever Feel Lonely, Rejected, Sad?

Jon Pritikin’s deeply emotional experiences in Feel the Power: A Survivor’s Guide to Happiness will leave readers crying… and laughing… and experiencing a new sense of happiness.
By stepping into Jon’s shoes, readers experience the heartache of bullying, the shame of being seen as less-than, the promise of true friendship, and the path that led him out of perpetual darkness into a place he’d never known before—a place of contentment and joy.
Feel the Power will help readers…
Jon Pritikin

Jon Pritikin

Jon has motivated more than 10 million people face-to-face in over 60 nations. He uses feats of strength, like rolling up frying pans, to capture the audience’s attention. These feats have earned him two Guinness World Records.
Jon’s passionate storytelling reaches hearts everywhere, from school assemblies to professional athletes to Fortune 500 executives.

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