Over the years, Feel the Power events have developed a strong reputation for being a time of transformation for students of all ages – from the primary grades to high school! It is the sincerity of Jon Pritikin's message delivered through the pairing of a real, raw story and near-impossible feats of strength that makes Feel the Power's anti-bullying events so powerful.

What To Expect

what-to-expectFull of action and crowd participation, Feel the Power events immerse students in a memorable experience as they learn what it means to be a hero. With wide eyes intent on Jon's every movement, the audience watches as he defies the powerful nature of metal rods and solid wood in his acts of strength.

Jon takes this opportunity to bring the room of children or young adults on a journey into the life of a young student that they can all deeply relate to. Using this story, he empowers them to not believe the lies being spoken over them and instead choose to believe the truth about the future of hope each of them has. Jon speaks to his audience members very intentionally, as if he is speaking to each of them directly, letting them know how unique and special they are. The ending to the story is the perfect combination of triumph and surprise that leaves them feeling deeply inspired!

Not only does Jon give the students hope personally, but he also encourages them to give it to others by befriending them and appreciating who they are as well. He challenges them to be proactive leaders by speaking positive words to each other, not letting anyone eat alone during lunch, and standing up for what is right.

Through Feel the Power events, schools have experienced tangible, lasting results in their classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, and cafeterias. Teachers have reported a decrease in bullying incidences (both in person and online) and an increase in positive student-teacher relationships.

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